London University of Economics MBA program is actually a network analysis specialist within the social sciences; it is situated in London, United Kingdom, as well as a principal federal college of University of London. I t is founded in 1895 by members of the Fabian Society. London School of Economics arranged teaching and research across a range of social sciences, including finance and accounting, economics, anthropology, history, geography, law, international relations, media and communications. In addition, they conduct teachings in philosophy, politics, psychology, social policy and sociology.

London, UK School of Economics MBA are listed as the top though they’ve fallen from the rankings then, they have regain their visibility lately. A London School of Economics MBA ranking is still the leading MBA institution within the globe. They have been ranking fifth, fourth, third and second in the last 5 years until now. LSE also ranks high in other listings like the employer review surveys. In the beginning of the rankings of the employers eyes, they’ve by no means ended outside the leading five universities inside the world.

All through the United Kingdom, London School of Economics MBA had the highest percentage of study on the world’s leading institution of greater education. A leading company school in the UK these days that excels from the rest is performing their ideal in relation to MBA programs. Ashridge Business School facilitates men and women and organizations to be the finest. They’re proud to collaborate with a number of the organizations leading the company to manage the complicated challenges they face, like the formulation as well as implementation associated with tactical enhancement, current administration and also transformation.

The mission of most colleges and universities that gives social sciences courses would be to have a relatively graduate student in enterprise with an Mba degree. London School of Economics MBA offers similarly desired to have their own portion of these kinds of graduate students. LSE has produced many prominent alumni within the fields of law, organization, economics, literature and politics. You will find presently 16 Nobel Prize winners among the alumni and staff of the LSE, past and present, as well as 34 globe leaders and many Pulitzer Prize winners and colleagues of the British Academy.

Fabian Community, left funds in trust to be placed inside the path of advancing its objectives in any way these people deem suggested. London School of Economics MBA report that the proposition to build the varsity was envisioned within the breakfast meeting. The trustees approved the actual suggestion. LSE maintain to have an impression in British society by means of its interactions and also reassurance in politics, economics and law.

Jim Brown is widely regarded as the single greatest running back ever to play professional football, and he amassed incredible statistics and a laundry list of achievements over the course of a career that ended in 1965 when he was only 29 years old.

The Cleveland Browns opted to spend their first round pick of the 1957 NFL Draft and the sixth overall on Brown, and he soon became the face of their franchise after debuting later that season. Brown won the NFL MVP in his rookie year after clearly demonstrating signs of being a superstar. With an incredibly strong core and upper body, Brown took pride in punishing those paid to tackle him.

Equally formidable running the ball or catching passes, Brown was a nightmare for defenders and defenses who simply didn’t possess the speed or strength to strike fear into the 62 230-pound Georgia native. Brown carried the ball over 200 times for nearly 1,000 yards and exactly 9 touchdowns during his rookie campaign, setting the foundation for an incredible and historic career. Brown eclipsed 1250 yards three times in seasons that were only 12 games long, including 1,527 yards and 17 touchdowns in 1958. Jim Brown continued to mow through the competition as the schedule was increased to 14 games in the early 1960s, besting 1,000 yards every single year except 1962, where he fell short by four yards while posting a career-best 517 yards receiving.

Brown averaged over 100 yards on the ground per game in seven of his nine seasons, and he set an incredible high water mark in 1963 with 1,863 yards on the ground, a total that was bolstered by an 80 yard run, the longest of his career. Jim Brown averaged 6.4 yards every time he ran the ball in his magical 1963 campaign; a mark that modern-day backs can only dream about. Lists of the greatest professional football players of all time typically begin with the name Johnny Unitas, but they are almost always followed by the name Jim Brown. Even a half-century later, Brown’s legacy endures, and modern-day players are well aware of his feats and incredible physical prowess.

Aside from his list of accomplishments on the field, Brown was also able to bring the African-American athlete into the spotlight during a time when many of them were facing racial prejudice in certain states. Often referred to as the Jackie Robinson of football, Jim Brown was the first African-American running back to dominate the sport during an era when integration was just beginning to become the norm. By retiring before his 30th birthday, Brown kept his body and mind intact, going on to a variety of other endeavors, including philanthropies and acting on the silver screen.

Defining questionable “employment gaps”

Questionable employment gaps are periods on a resume or job application that can’t be verified. Some of the most popular false claims used to cover employment gaps are:

– Freelancing
– Business Owner
– Fictitious Out Of Business Company

A clever and sneaky employee can get these lies past an employer who is not conducting a careful and thorough employee background screening. Most employers do not have the in-house resources to verify these claims. When an employer conducts a background check on their own they will usually only get information on the position held, dates of employment and if the candidate is eligible for rehire.

Fortunately, even for freelance and closed businesses, there is a paper trail. Genuine freelancers and business owners must apply for a fictitious business name and a business license. This is a requirement for most cities regardless of where the work will be performed. For a freelancer, a business license is required even if he or she works from home.

Unfortunately, tracking this information can be confusing and time consuming for most personnel departments and small business owners. Getting the most accurate information is usually best left to a professional pre-employment screening firm, such as Accu-Screen, Inc. They have the resources and experience to readily search and provide the most up to date and accurate information.

Questionable “employment gaps”

Employers need to be careful not to jump to conclusions because freelance and business information may not be readily verified. When this occurs, the employer should request clarification from the job applicant. An employer should ask for references from past clients, projects worked on and milestones. Most freelancers and business owners should be able to give you business references, detailed information on projects and accomplishments.

Similarly, for a situation where a business is no longer operating, a job seeker should be able to provide verification of employment. Verification can include paystubs, tax return, offer of employment letter or proof of any type of recognition received, while employed at the company.

A red flag should be raised if the job seeker can’t provide additional information to verify claims of freelancing, owning a business or a company that is no longer open for business.

Problems with employees who lie about “employment gaps”

When an “employment gap” is discovered, an employer needs to be concerned about the reasons for it. Periods of employment gaps that can’t be verified may be associated with:

– Incarceration
– Involuntary termination

Some job seekers are unlucky while others are just plain deceitful. A professional employment background screening firm, such as Accu-Screen, Inc., can help get to the bottom of these issues by obtaining the most appropriate and accurate information.

When an applicant has these issues in their past or fails to report them, an employer should proceed with caution. These issues need to be handled confidentially and with diplomacy. The issue should be addressed and clarification should be reached before a job offer is made.

An Employment Policy Manual, also referred to as an Employee Manual or Employee Handbook, is a document that clarifies and communicates the issues that relate to the employer/employee relationship. It usually does not address job specific issues.

It presents many of the rules and regulations of the workplace, many of the terms and conditions of employment, and is an important part of the employment contract.

Many of the policies presented in the Manual will be based in legislation and common law. Your policy statements must conform to the laws of your jurisdiction. Keep in mind that you cannot contract out of your obligations under legislation. In some circumstances, you can contract out of obligations under common law.

The Employment Policy Manual must be written in a way that ensures that it is not vulnerable to misinterpretation. It must be written in a way that is understandable by all employees who are impacted by the contents of the Manual. Manuals written in confusing ‘legalese’ will usually be difficult for many employees to understand. I usually suggest that the Manual should be written at a level that is understandable by anyone who is functionally literate in English.

Poorly written policies, which are confusing or open to misinterpretation, can be worse than no policies at all.

Why You Need It

A well-written Employment Policy Manual will clarify many of the expectations within the workplace. It will also minimize your risk of facing expensive litigation, such as a wrongful dismissal or a constructive dismissal lawsuit, by ensuring that your current employment practices conform to current employment-related legislation. It is like an insurance policy.

If you should find yourself facing a judge defending yourself against an employment related lawsuit, the only reasonable defense that will work for you will be based on the documentation that you can provide that clearly shows due diligence on your part. The Employment Policy Manual, along with a clear ‘paper trail’ of disciplinary notes, etc., will be an important part of that due diligence defense.

From the point of view of your employees, both current and prospective, the Employment Policy Manual will clarify much of what is, or will be, expected of them during their employment. It will also clarify and communicate what they can expect of you, their employer. The best employees will be looking for employment with organizations that present their employment practices in a clear and confident manner.

Ideally, the workplace expectations should be clearly communicated before the employment relationship is established. A copy of the Manual should be given to the prospective employee as part of the employment contract.

The title doesnt say the good and the bad as there is nothing bad if you are into economics field, let it be the leadership opportunities or the scope in the future. It is the breeding ground for becoming the masters in any business. It is no surprise that the presidents or the financial ministers of top notch nations are graduates in economics. This is also the reason behind Universities investing a fortune in economics field hoping that some of their students become the leaders of the future!

Economics, the subject and a social science that determines the production of resources, both materials and human has its role in any organization of business. While microeconomics deals with the static items like consumers, sellers etc, macroeconomics studies the behavioral issue like unemployment and policies.

Master studies in economics will help you sustain the competition and emerge as a true leader provided you have the zeal in you. If you are considering for masters in US, many Universities have the following admission criteria

– You need to hold a bachelors degree from a recognized university preferably in related field

– You must have cleared an English test like IELTS or TOEFL to make sure that you can sustain in the USA. Also, this is required as economists do need impeccable communication skills

Masters in economics is studied in various tracks like general, gender analysis, research, financial policy etc. Once you have graduated, you can get an opportunity in any of the government agencies, NGOs or financial institutions etc based on your specialization. The top specialization fields in economics that are chosen by students are industrial economics, demographic economics and financial economics. The typical jobs that economic graduates get include but not limited to financial analysts, financial consultants, budget planners, market analysts, econometricians etc.

Among the specializations, financial economics is the one that is undoubtedly a core economic subject. This is a 1 and half to 2 year course and is a mix of theory, modeling and practicals. While the theory aspect is about decision making in markets, you learn how to allocate assets and valuate them in practical. Also, you get to learn various financial instruments like forex, equities, income, portfolios etc. The weight-age differs among economic and professional degrees. More emphasis is put on theory in economic subjects while application is given importance in professional subjects.

Economics, for sure, is a degree for the geeks who are into statistics and planning. If you are planning for masters in economics, it is good to choose among the top schools for economics like Purdue University, University of Texas at Austin or the New York University and you can end up working in World Bank or the IMF!

Finding a job is never easy. Add on the quirks of the government application process and it can become downright overwhelming. Luckily, it’s getting a bit easier as technology transforms the traditional job search. With more accurate search engines, social media, and virtual career fairs, job seekers can search, prepare and apply for jobs without ever leaving their couch.

While not all of us have participated in a virtual career fair, they are becoming increasingly popular. For organizations, they represent a quick and cost-effective way to share their story and meet potential candidates. For jobs seekers, it requires less time, preparation, and significantly less travel. Virtual fairs are not just for the active job seeker. Many times, the real benefit comes from simply learning about different organizations and floating your resume.

Here are six tips to make the most of your virtual career fair experience:

Test your computer before the event so you have all the necessary plug-ins. It sounds simple, but you don’t want to be scrambling at the last minute trying to log on. If possible, research the participating organizations in advance, prioritize the booths, and prepare a script. Although Virtual Career Fairs are more relaxed than in-person fairs, you still want to impress! Have your resume (or resumes) ready in advance to upload and share with recruiters. Also be prepared to tailor resumes based on the organization’s needs. Check your social media sites. Given the nature of the internet, recruiters can quickly search for your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles while talking to you. Privacy settings are your friend. Remember: abbreviations are for texting, not talking to agency representatives and recruiters! Follow-Up: Keep the show going. Make sure to send follow-up emails after the virtual career fair right away and follow-up again a few weeks later if you haven’t heard anything.

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Careers In Government is the leading provider of career opportunities and information in the public sector.

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