Tips For Listing Self-employment On A Resume

Most people work for an employer. This means someone reviewing a resume is conditioned to expect the potential employee to have companies listed in their employment experience. However, some people have been self-employed. These tips will help you effectively list self-employment on your resume.

1. Make your intentions clear. A self-employed person may not have the personality to work at a company. Thus, the employer may fear that they will hire you, and then you will leave after a short time to start your own business.

Therefore, you need to let them know what you are planning. If you are committed to them, then let them know. If you are planning on working on the side as a consultant while you are with them, then let them know. Be honest!

2. Only include important self-employment. If you have done freelance work a couple times in the past year, then this does not need to be mentioned. If you were self-employed in order to fill an employment gap, then you should probably list this. You should definitely list any experience owning a home business.

These experiences are experiences that give you an edge over most candidates. You will want to be honest with your self-employment and emphasize why this is a positive attribute.

3. Include your job responsibilities. Self-employment and other employment are identical in this regard. With both, simply list your main responsibilities related to the job. Obviously, make sure to select the responsibilities that are most relevant to the overall picture you are trying to display.

4. Do not apologize. Self-employment is not a crime. In fact, it is an extreme positive. Do not apologize for being self-employed.

Having self-employment experience indicates you are a driven, self-starter with experience taking on responsibility. If handled correctly, possessing self-employment will make you a stand-out candidate for any job.

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