There Never Is A Perfect Time To Quit Your Job

Quitting your day job may be a pie in the sky idea to you, after all when you get up in the morning I bet you look in the mirror and think how am I going to do this for another 30 years of my life, well the truth is that you should never do anything in life that honestly makes you miserable, life is just to short to go through it hating every second, you may be reading this article and hoping there is a magic cure to this problem but really there is no cure, you need to be the primary driver in your life, if you don’t control where you are going then someone else will and you’ll end up living someone else’s life, not yours.

Most people are always waiting for the right time to quit, even though they hate it so much that they curse under their breath when they have to get out of bed in the morning, fight traffic on the way to work and then sit doing a really dull job all day and then rush home just in time for 3 hours in front of the TV only to fall asleep and do it all again the next day, the only time they have off is the weekend and by that stage they are usually recovering from a hard weeks work so they don’t feel like doing much, if this all sounds to familiar then now is the time for a change.

There is never a good time to quit your job, no matter what your circumstances are right now I’d be willing to bet you are never going to be financially comfortable enough to exist without a job, if you are going to quit your job and pursue your dream then you need to be willing to burn the bridges, there should be no other option but to succeed, no matter how long it takes you, this is the way that you can achieve your dream without having a plan B, from now on there is no plan B.

Most of you who read this article will be thinking that’s easy for him to say I have a wife and kids to support, well the truth is that’s a valid excuse for quitting your job, imagine running a business where you can now see more of them yet you have more money than you could make in your day job, quitting your job is actually a positive step for your future so don’t delay, do it now before life passes you by.

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